A new study came out and ranked states by how miserable their winters are. You may or may not be surprised that Idaho is in the top ten for most miserable winters in the states.

I am a little surprised by this. Sure there was snowmagedon a few years ago and that was pretty rough, but Idaho ranked worse than Iowa, Massachusetts and Montana. Idaho is ranked 8th for worst winters.

Taking into consideration the northern half of the state I guess it makes sense. Really North Idaho is just South Canada. I have seen pictures that show just how bad some of those winters can be. Even when you come farther south, Hailey and Sun Valley can get pretty rough, or so I have heard. I try to avoid the area during the winter time because I am not a huge fan of snow.

The top 10 states you should probably avoid during the winter time are Massachusetts, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Maine, North Dakota, Alaska, Michigan and Minnesota. I am a little surprised that Alaska was not ranked number one. When I think of miserable winter that has to be the first state that comes to mind.

The bottom half of the list really is no surprise. The states that have the easiest and most pleasant winters are Hawaii (shocker), Arizona (still not surprised), California, Colorado (ok this one is surprising), Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

I really am surprised by Colorado. Isn't that the place that everyone goes to ski and snowboard? If I ever get a chance to snow bird, I will definitely be going to any of those states.

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