UPDATE: It worked! Garth Brooks has announced a second Idaho show. Tickets go on sale May 31st and the show will be Friday, July 19th.

We gave away tickets a few weeks ago to the upcoming Garth Brooks show in Boise. If you won tickets or were lucky enough to purchase tickets before they sold out, then you know how big of a deal this show is going to be. If you didn't get tickets, then you also know how big this show is because they sold out in less than an hour! Even our Idaho government noticed the disappointment that there weren't enough tickets for everyone. So Governor Brad Little pulled the big wig card and called Garth Brooks to talk about and suggest to the country superstar that a second show would be a good idea.

I love that Little says 'all my friends in low places' are excited for the show and that a second date would be a nice addition. Garth Brooks responds by saying that they've been think about it and that the Governor's phone call would be the reason if it does happen. How cool is that! Keep your fingers crossed that the Governor's magic works and more people will be able to enjoy a Garth Brooks show in Idaho.

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