TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife law enforcement is investigating more instances of wildlife waste following the discovery of dead birds near a shopping center and at the base of a cliff. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game recently announced two incidents, one near Garden City, the other near Aberdeen, where birds were left to waste in recent days.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Conservation officers say around 34 waterfowl, mostly mallard ducks, were found behind a department store in Garden City after someone driving a Ford pickup, seen on security camera, dumped whole and partially field dressed carcasses sometime on January 20. Conservation officers were able to collect evidence from the scene, but have asked that anyone with information call Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) 1-800-632-5999.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

In the other incident reported near Aberdeen, five Canada geese were found shot and left to waste, dumped off a cliff. Idaho Fish and Game said the person or persons responsible had to have accessed the area by a dirt road off of Beach Road that goes along the American Falls Reservoir. "Idaho code is clear on this issue: waste of game birds is illegal. The edible portions of meat must be taken, which is the breast meat for ducks and geese," said Idaho Fish and Game in a statement. Again, people with any information have been asked to call the CAP hotline with information.

There are several open investigations ongoing around the state involving the waste of birds, including two that happened in the same spot in the Magic Valley near the Minidoka Damn.

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