I just came across this video of a man who was out on his porch with his dogs when a bear comes up out of nowhere and tries to grab one of the pups. The owner immediately responds by going at the bear with nothing but his bare hands.

Man Saves His Dog After Bear Attack

I had to watch the video a few times because it all happens so fast. The bear comes out of the dark as one of the dogs gets near the steps. In that same moment, the man realizes what is happening and springs into action. He lunges at the bear, pushes the dog to safety, and then blocks the stairs with a nearby bench. It's almost as if he had trained for this exact scenario numerous times before.

I wasn't even sure that the dog was safe until I watched it a third time. You can barely see it run behind the man as he falls to his knees. Miraculously, it doesn't look like the man was injured at all by the bear and the captions read that 'everyone is doing well including the bear who got away.'

Dog Owners Are Their Own Special Breed

It is amazing what a dog owner will do to keep their fur babies safe. I'm sure this applies to all pet owners too. There are definitely cat owners out there who also really love their pets. But, there's a protective love that dogs reciprocate. If the tables were turned and it was a cat whose owner was getting attacked, the cat would sit and watch. If it were a dog watching, they would spring into action as fast as this man did. But, I'm a dog person and not a fan of cats so my opinion is pretty one-sided.

The video was recorded in Florida, but I have no doubt that Idaho dog owners would react the same way this brave man did.

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