Idaho Controlled Hunt drawing results are officially out. You should have gotten an email or you can log on to the Idaho Fish and Game website to check.

If you go to the Idaho Fish and Game log in website you can input your information and it will direct you to the draw results that you entered for. You can also check your email that is associated with your Idaho Fish and Game log in. It will tell you which hunts you drew for if any.

This is the second year in a row that I did not draw for anything. I put in for black bear, deer, pronghorn and elk. Unfortunately I will not be filling my freezer this year. My boyfriend drew on antlered deer this year so that is exciting. We are running out of meat in our freezer pretty bad.

If you put in and did not draw, you can always purchase open hunts or see if you can purchase tags that aren't picked up later in the season. I will probably pick myself up a few open hunt tags just so I can get some food in the freezer. I have still only got a deer. I am hoping elk and pronghorn next year. Fingers crossed.

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