Samantha Gillihan of the Idaho Better Business Bureau has a warning about a Job Scam that ended up costing a Boise woman $9,000.

The scam is targeting people who might be looking for summer jobs. High school students and college students looking for seasonal work over the summer are especially targeted by this particular scam.

The scammers often use craigslist to recruit. The so-called company often gives a vague description of  a "customer service" job and might ask for money up front for training, or even ask that you set up bank account to conduct business on behalf of the company.

These are red flags.

  • Legitimate businesses always provide a detailed description of job duties so that they can find the right person for the gig.
  • Employers aren't going to ask for upfront money.
  • A legitimate business won't ask you to set up a bank account. While it's not unusual to provide bank information to your employer for direct deposit, they would have their own accounts for conducting business, and they would not ask you to set up a personal account for business use.

Here are a few tips that can help prevent you from falling victim to an online job scam.

  1. If you've never met the employer and are unsure about the company, don't give them financial information.
  2. Watch for vague job descriptions or vague answers to questions about the company. If they aren't up front with their contact information or you cannot find a company website, those are more clues that you are likely dealing with a scammer.
  3. If you are offered a job online without having met someone in person, there's a likelihood that the job is not legitimate.

For more information of to report a scam, contact the Idaho Better Business Bureau.

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