For those who move here, Idaho culture can be a little confusing. So we came up with some must haves that shows a love for Idaho and a little understanding of what it is like living here.

1.) "IdaHome Sign": nearly every person who lives in Idaho and loves it has one of these signs. People in Idaho love to express how much they love their home while being a little creative.

Idahome sign

2.) A sack of potatoes: yes, everyone in Idaho is sick of the potato jokes, and the "u da ho" jokes, but we seriously love our potatoes. They are so versatile and you can taste the difference between and Idaho potato and a non-Idaho potato. (Truly)

3.) A Gallon of Fry Sauce: If you love Idaho, Idaho loves fry sauce. Embrace it, dip everything in it and enjoy.

4.) A gun: we love our guns. We love our gun safety. And we love our second amendment rights. Enough said.

5.) Speaking of guns and signs, you need a "state of Idaho shooting a tree" sticker on your car or truck. This is hard to explain, so here is a picture. These are EVERYWHERE and we LOVE them.

cropped sticker

6.) Camo shirts and jackets: You don't even have to be a hunter. Camo is a fashion statement!

7.) A Falls Brand gift card: they have the BEST bacon and sausage EVER! And Idahoans like their meat.

There ya go! Get all these things together and welcome your Californian neighbor to Idaho with a starter pack of all the things we love here.

What do you think we missed?

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