By now, you've probably heard our new night show, Taste of Country Nights on 95.7 KEZJ.  Taste of Country Nights is packed with a TON of music, interviews with all the big country stars, games, trivia, contests and you can call in and be the star of the show.

The show is hosted by Jeremy.  He's a really nice guy who has more energy that two cups of coffee and seven Red Bull's.

Earlier on The Morning Show, Jackie mentioned that while she's heard the show, and Jeremy "sounds like a lotta fun" we don't REALLY know him, do we?

That got me to thinking... Who is Jeremy, anyway?  What does he like to eat?  Is he married?  Does he have kids?  A Dog?  Playstation or Xbox?  I could go on forever about all the things we don't know about the new guy.

So... let's get to know Jeremy.  We're going to have Jeremy on the show next week and we'll ask him five questions.  We just need you to help come up with the questions.

What should we ask?  Leave a comment and let us know.