About three weeks ago, my wife and daughter were having a girls day out.  It was cold outside and to be honest, I didn't really feel like doing anything.

So, I started to scroll through Netflix to see what there was to see.  That's when I stumbled on Walking Dead.  I've seen a few of you post on Facebook that you like the show so I clicked play and killed about 40 minutes and watched Season 1, Episode 1.  "Okay... Not a bad show.  I think I'll see what Episode 2 has to offer."

That's how it started.  Now, I can't put it down.  I spend my days, my nights, my weekends, trying to get up to speed with the rest of the world.

If I'm up early, I might watch some in the morning while I get ready.  I try to sneak in a few minutes at lunch or if I can't sleep, I might wander into the living room at dark-thirty in the morning and sneak a little.  I even watched part of Season 2, Episode 3 on my phone during a conference call and I've considered taking some vacation days just so I can have uninterrupted time with me and hoards of zombies.

There's absolutely no doubt.  I have a Netflix addiction and I don't see and end in sight.

What's the best way out of this?  Is there a cure for Netflix addiction?  I mean, seriously... It's not like the show is going anywhere.  I should be able to give it a rest.  Yet I keep find myself saying I'm going to put it down after "just one more episode," and like a junkie looking for his next fix, I hit "next." and watch more.

I suppose I only have two choices - Cut it out cold turkey or lock myself away.  Have you discovered a series on Netflix that you just can't put down?

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