Please forgive our puns. Your hearing is one of the easiest senses to lose or have diminished. Loud sounds are around us every day, so the potential for hearing loss is perpetual. If that is a situation you face, be aware that you could save big money on a hearing aid package in the upcoming Seize The Deal auction.

One pair of AGX hearing aids from Hearing Aid Counselors valued at over $3000 will be up for grabs. If you check out all the specifications from the Seize The Deal website, you'll notice these details:

  • Binaural coordination
  • Dynamic feedback cancellation (DFC2)
  • AI essential
  • Front focus
  • Adaptive directionality
  • Noise management

This hearing aid package is just one of many items you could save big time on. Check them all out and get ready to save starting Monday, February 29.