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Have You ‘Heard’ About What You Could Bid On Next Week?
Please forgive our puns. Your hearing is one of the easiest senses to lose or have diminished. Loud sounds are around us every day, so the potential for hearing loss is perpetual. If that is a situation you face, be aware that you could save big money on a hearing aid package in the upcoming Seize T…
Imagine Kayaking The Snake River In This Beast
If you're going to kayak anywhere, you have to kayak the Snake River. And, if you live in Twin Falls, it's practically required that you own a kayak. You don't have one? No worries. We have you covered. Check out this beauty that will be up for grabs starting Monday, February 29 in ou…
Southern Idaho Golf Passport
I know it's December and it looks a little bleak outside right now, but here's a ray of sunshine: You can get your 2014 Southern Idaho Golf Passport for just $40 when you Seize the Deal!
Seize the Deal Auction
We all know Seize the Deal is your source for great local deals, but right now it's also home to a sweet auction that can save you up to 60% off local products or services. Like an 80" Sharp LCD TV from Quales Electronics.
Want 50% Off At Hoagie Street Deli?
If you ask locals about getting a great sub in the Magic Valley, they will invariably direct you to Hoagie Street Deli in Kimberly. And with good reason: it's really good. It seems like you can drive two blocks in this area without hitting some variation on the sandwich shop, but Hoagie Street Deli …

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