We only just (officially) met the new Han Solo, but we might be seeing him onscreen longer than expected.

Alden Ehrenreich was introduced as the young Han Solo at Star Wars Celebration Europe just a couple weeks ago. The Hail, Caesar! actor will lead Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s upcoming prequel spinoff, but now there’s a rumor that Ehrenreich has signed a deal for three Han Solo movies. According to the New York Daily NewsDisney reportedly plans to turn the prequel spinoff into its own trilogy – that is if the first one does well at the box office.

The still-untitled Han Solo spinoff is still being written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon Kasdan and doesn’t start production until January or February of next year. But with Rogue Onethe studio’s first Star Wars spinoff, still months away from release, it’s a little surprising they’re already setting their sights on a spinoff trilogy. While fans loved The Force Awakens, it’s unknown how audiences will react to a spinoff with (mostly) all new characters in a new storyline, as well as a spinoff with a relatively unknown lead. Once we finally see some footage of Ehrenreich as the smuggler though, we'll have a better idea of whether he can pull it off for two more movies. The question is, do we really need three Han Solo movies?

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet and we likely won’t know more until the Han Solo film opens May 25, 2018. Rest assured, Miller and Lord are hard at work!

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