Alright fellas (and ladies who came here to get the low-down), I'm taking a major risk by sharing this coveted information with you for a boat-load of reasons. Obviously, the biggest risk that I face is my wife inevitably reading this and then getting super McPissed at me.

I should also let you know that I love everything about the holidays and Christmas time. From the family, to the food, to the loud house and all of the gift-giving. I cherish every single second of it. Everything, that is, except for wrapping the gifts. I just don't like it. And, to my defense, I'm not very good at it... at all.

Every year around this time, the kids go over to Mimi's house to play so that Keri (and I) can wrap all the Christmas gifts in preparation for the big day. And somehow every year we seem to have more kids than we did the year prior.. I still can't figure that part out. Inherently, with all these kids, comes more and more gifts to wrap each year. But how do I strategically work my way out of doing this year after year? The short answer is- I suck at it.

Now, I'm not necessarily terrible at wrapping, though I convince my wife that I am. Each year she will ask me to help and will assign me something small and fairly square to wrap. I, being the pro that I am, will put a total of 0 effort into the project making sure that my corners look like trash and that I use way too much paper for the box I'm wrapping. This inevitably leads to Keri getting annoyed and her telling me "I'll just do this by myself."

Now, before all you Karens get upset that I 'intentionally make my wife do all the work', please remember who took delivery of these things in our cold driveway off the UPS truck. Remember who stored these things taking up coveted garage space. Remember who carried these things into the house one by one to be wrapped in the first place. Remember who, after the wrapping was done, carried them all BACK to their hiding places. And finally remember who carried them up and under the tree to their final resting place.

It's absolutely a team effort in this house. Actually, it's probably more like 70-30 with my wife doing the majority of the work at Christmas. But, if there's one thing I just can't stand to do, it's wrap gifts. So to all my fellas reading this, if you want out of the wrapping scene, just make sure you're not good at it. Unless your wife thinks your sh***y wrapping is cute- then you're screwed. Fortunately for me, mine does not.

James Christmas Tree 2020

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