uppies Hot Rod Grille was in Downtown Twin Falls until it caught on fire last year. We have been eagerly awaiting to hear when and where the restaurant will be reopening and now we have some answers.

We announced that Guppies is aiming at a July opening date and that Aaron Gupton confirmed that they would not be returning to their Downtown Twin Falls location. That begged the question, where will they go?

The answer is, Kimberly. Yep, they are heading to Kimberly for their new location. It is going to be where the old El Cazador Mexican Restaurant and Cantina used to be at 105 N. Main.

Guppies is also working on a new logo and recreating the atmosphere in the old building which has a history of it's own. Apparently, at one time that building was a bank, a brothel and a jail. Now it is going to be the new home for Guppies 2.

Good thing Kimberly is a quick drive from Twin Falls.

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