Gems Bagel Co

Slim Pickings for Quality Bagels in Twin Falls

For some time, it seems that the Twin Falls area has been lacking a good source of quality bagels. During recent on-air discussions, both Costco and Winco bakeries were frequently mentioned as the go-to places for a decent bagel. This has been especially true since iconic bagel bakeries like Molly’s and Zulu’s shut their doors years ago.

While both of these bakeries offer respectable bagels, Twin Falls hasn't seen a bakery focusing mainly on bagels in a long while.

Gems Bagel Co

Twin Falls and Jerome Welcome a Fresh Source for Bagels

Gems Bagel Company (Co.) has now officially opened its doors, delivering freshly baked bagels to the Magic Valley. Gems accepts orders throughout the week, with a Saturday, deadline, and options for Sunday delivery and pickup. Depending on where you are, you can either have Gems drop off your order, or you can pick them up at various spots around the Magic Valley.

Gems Bagel Co

Variety is Indeed the Spice of Life

For a quaint mom-and-pop establishment, Gems Bagel Bakery offers a surprising array of flavors. Their standard menu features everything from the simple Plain Jane to more intricate flavors such as cinnamon raisin, onion, garlic, and "everything", just to mention a few. They also feature seasonal and limited-time flavors and mini bagels.

Small in Size, Big in Aspirations

This Twin Falls bagel bakery has seen a rise in orders since its inception just over a month ago. With ample space to expand, they are currently taking household orders. Additionally, they are catering to special requests for parties and events.

To learn more about this by-order bagel bakery, visit the Gems Bagel Co. website for more info and place your orders. You can also check their social media for specials and discounts.

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