Since the price of gas keeps going up, maybe you don’t want to drive too far to hit the mountain bike trails this weekend. Good News: We came up with a shortlist of mountain bike trails within easy driving distance from Twin Falls.

Sugarloaf Loop At Indian Springs - Intermediate/Advanced - 30 miles South of Twin

Sugarloaf Loop just south of Kimberly can be taken by sections depending on your skill level. More advanced riders might want to try out the entire loop while less experienced riders could prefer the terrain that Lower Sugarloaf has to offer. Access to the trail is right off Indian Springs Road, where there’s plenty of parking and access to a number of other trails.

Auger Falls – Beginner/Intermediate –  Twin Falls

This is about as far from Twin Falls you can get without really leaving Twin Falls. All you do is take Canyon Springs Road to the Blue Lakes Grade and you can park at Centennial, then ride to the Auger Falls trailhead from there. If you want to make things a little more challenging, park at Costco and ride down the grade. Just be careful. Cars and bikes are often at odds on this road. It’s nobody’s fault really; the road just isn’t big enough to handle the volume of traffic during the busy season. If you do choose to ride the grade, go single file so cars have enough room to go around you.

Some areas of Auger Falls can be considered challenging, but they are easily avoided if you prefer a more casual ride.

Rock Creek Canyon – Casual – Twin Falls

If you stay on the paved trail, Rock Creek Canyon is about as easy as it gets. There are some more difficult trails you can find off the beaten path. With multiple access points and plenty of parking, Rock Creek Canyon makes for a quick, casual ride if you just want to get out for a bit.

Canyon Rim Trail – Beginner/Easy – Twin Falls

Paved trails are hardly considered mountain biking, but if you want a casual ride or are taking the little kids out, Canyon Rim Trail is perfect for a family outing. You can access and park from the Twin Falls visitors center, then head east if you want to catch some great views of the Snake River Canyon as you ride. SAFETY FIRST: This is a crowded trail with a lot of pedestrian tourists as well as bikes. You’ll want to keep a close eye on small children and be mindful of some of the steeper hills. It’s smooth sailing on a paved surface and I’ve seen small kids lose control on the downhill grades, only to wipe out at the bottom.

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