With school ending it is time to start taking summer vacations. Some of us will take a weekend trip here and there, some will drive to a close destination, and others will fly away and enjoy a week or two out of the Gem State. However you decide to vacation is up to you, but where are the best places to get away to, and is staying in Idaho perhaps the best option? Where are the best summer destinations to travel to, the worst, and how does Idaho compare?

The Best and Worst Summer Destinations

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WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst summer destinations and used categories such as travel costs and hassles, local costs, attractions, weather, activities, and safety. It was determined that the best place to visit this summer is Atlanta, Georgia, with Honolulu being second, and Washington DC being third. Out of a possible 100 cities, it was determined that Oxnard, California is the worst destination, with Santa Rosa, California being the second worst, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana the third worst. As this list shows, if you are wanting to escape Idaho, your best bet is to fly to a further away location. Salt Lake City does rank 12 on the list but is the only short drive city to be highly ranked on the list.

Is Idaho a Good Summer Destination?

Credit: knowlesgallery
Credit: knowlesgallery

When it comes to staying in Idaho this summer for vacation, you are better off looking elsewhere. Boise ranks 55 on the list. It comes in at 94 in travel costs and hassles, 56 in local costs, 48 in attractions, 30 in weather, 63 in activities, and 12 in safety. When being safe is the only positive, that means there isn't much to look forward to on your trip. Travel costs would be lower for Magic Valley residents, but overall you are better off leaving the state and flying further away to enjoy a fun or relaxing summer vacation.

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As you begin planning your summer getaways, make sure to check the list above to see where the best summer destinations are this year. If all you can afford is a weekend getaway or to drive, Salt Lake City or perhaps the mountains would be best for you. If you are looking for a fun getaway to be entertained or rest, then jump on a plane and head to one of the top five destinations.

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