New information released by the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention has cast doubt on the effectiveness of this year's flu vaccination when targeting a specific strain of influenza.For those that have taken your child/children to be vaccinated for flu season in the last couple of weeks, new details about the 2019-2020 flu vaccine are leading many in the healthcare industry to have concerns over its ability to prevent B/Victoria viruses, in which children are more susceptible to getting.

There have been 32 pediatric deaths related to transmission of the virus across the United States so far this season. New data from the CDC suggests the current flu vaccine is less than 60% affective in preventing transmission of the strain.

While flu vaccinations are not full proof anyway, those sorts of preventative statistics don't really pose a good argument for following through with flu shots for those parents who haven't had their kids immunized, or are on the fence due to concerns over the shots.

According to the latest CDC data, over 17 million doses of the vaccine have been given out for the current flu season. Flu activity is high across the U.S. currently, and is expected to remain that way for a couple more months.

The CDC still recommends having kids over the age of six months vaccinated. Idaho remains one of just a couple of states where accurate flu statistics are tough to achieve, due to the large number of children unvaccinated.

For more information on this flu season in the United States, click here.

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