To quote the famous Mr. Rogers, "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?"

Twin Falls is already beginning to feel like home after just a week, but it has been an adjustment as well. Getting lost, not knowing anyone, and asking everyone thousands of questions takes a toll. There have been some observations in the first week though.

Twin Falls Smells Funny

After hours in the car and seeing nothing but desert for what felt like an eternity, it was nice to finally see civilization and stretch my legs. The door opened, my feet touched the pavement, and then it hit me in the face before I could even realize what was happening; the smell of cow manure took over my nostrils. Coming from Oklahoma, it wasn't an unfamiliar smell, but woo-wee, was it much stronger here. I have been told there are other unique smells that I will eventually experience, but so far only the cow smell has infiltrated my nose.

Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

Neighborly, Friendly Town

It only took a few minutes and visiting a couple of stores to figure out the people in Twin Falls are very nice compared to other places. Walking through places, people say hello, they smile, they ask how your day is. It is comforting to be in a place where not everyone is buried in their cell phones, and seem to genuinely ask how your day is going. It makes one feel at home and accepted.

Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash

Yummy Yummy In My Tummy

While there are many places I still need to, and will, try I have not had a bad meal yet. I am taking recommendations from everyone I meet and am trying to get to them all sooner than later. The food here has been delicious. I love to eat, and the options available here make Twin Falls a match made in heaven for me. I look forward to each meal so I can try a new place.

Greg Jannetta

Winter Is Coming

Coming from the southern part of the United States, the weather was a little bit of a shock when I first arrived in Idaho. I love colder weather though. I am looking forward to winter coming and the potential of snow. My family and I can't wait to make a trip to the mountains and take in all that Idaho offers during the winter season. New clothes need to be bought, to prepare for the cold, but I am excited and have enjoyed the weather every morning so far.

Photo by Bob Canning on Unsplash

While the smells might be a little funky and the town may not be the biggest, Twin Falls offers a lot to love. With the friendly people, the beautiful views, and good food, Twin Falls is rapidly feeling like home.

Check Out Mary Alice Park in Twin Falls, ID

Mary Alice is an easily missed park, hidden in Twin Falls, but it should definitely not be missed if you want to visit the most magical park in town.

Magic Valley Photogenic Foods

Twin Falls 'Rocks'

Painted rocks from around Twin Falls.