KMVT-TV is reporting that incoming freshman Savannah Fitzgerald is looking to be the first female football player at Twin Falls High School. This brought up some compelling discussion on the Morning Show today. While some of our callers expressed some safety concerns, a vast majority of you said that if a girl can prove that she possesses the necessary skills to play the game, then there should be no reason to hesitate to let a girl play.

Some of you said that you preferred the separation of genders when it comes to team sports.

Others asked whether or not this would open the door for boys to have access to sports that would otherwise be considered a sport for girls. Should the same opportunity be given to boys who have an interest in playing volleyball?

I won't speak for you but I would think that moms might struggle with this kind of topic. On one hand, you want your girl to be able to do anything she sets out to do. On the other hand, would any mother want to see her girl being tackled on a football field? I wonder.

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