For the last decade, the Forrest Fenn buried treasure was the topic of many treasure hunter conversations and the cause of a number of treasure hunting adventures. Not all of those adventures ended well as one man was recently injured and another died hunting for the wealth. The Fenn treasure was found earlier this year but treasure hunters have another option for adventure and the possibility of a payout; another jeweler has buried treasure that you have a chance to find. This treasure hunt is a bit different than the Forrest Fenn hunt. The Fenn treasure hunt had clues hidden in a poem and the new treasure hunt is more like a game that you can buy-in to play.

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The new adventure is called 'Johnny's Treasure Quest', which honestly sounds super cool, and is happening in Michigan. It is also not just one treasure hunt but a few treasure hunts happening at different times. To participate in the hunt you register online and that will get you access to a special Facebook group where clues will be published at the start of the quest. Registration is around $60 for each hunt. The treasures aren't as large as the Fenn treasure but appear to be a few thousand dollars each one and valued around $1 million total.

The treasures include gold, silver, diamonds, and rare coins.

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