A treasure chest full of rare coins, jewels and other artifacts left by a New Mexico antique dealer and millionaire in the mountains more than a decade ago, has been found.

Forrest Fenn became known around the world 10 years ago after he went public with information about a treasure chest he intentionally buried, and thought to be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, with the purpose of getting people to seek out the valuable stash. He also wrote a sort of teasing poem that pinpointed the chest's location.

According to new details shared by BBC news, the chest has been located. The location and name of the seeker haven't been released yet, according to the BBC.

Two years ago, a forth seeker died near Yellowstone National Park after falling 500 feet to his death while looking for the treasure. Yellowstone Park has been one of suspected locations of the treasure because of a couple of lines written in Fenn's poem describing canyons and warm waters. Fenn also has gone on record as saying the location of the stash is one he is very familiar with, which made many seekers pinpoint Yellowstone due to the fact he spent time there as a youth and frequently visited the area.

The exact contents of the chest have not been made public either. Fenn has stated that the chest did contain gold coins, jewels and some rare Indian artifacts.

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