One of my father's favorite things was fishing. He loved taking me and my sister out, teaching us, and just spending time with us. Lord help me, I tried, but I just didn't enjoy fishing. Dad passed away almost 10 years ago from cancer and I find that I really miss those quiet days on the bank with him more and more.

So with dad's spirit riding shotgun, I took my son Jack on his first fishing trip yesterday to the Filer Ponds. We didn't catch anything, but we had a good time!

Just north of Filer, off Poleline Road, are ponds that were created by the canal company. Idaho Fish and Game stocked them a few years ago and created a great family fishing experience.

There are two ponds: the first is smaller for younger anglers, and the other is larger and will make casual and experienced fishermen happy. They're stocked with trout but a few other species have made it in through the canal system.

We tried worms and bobbers with no luck, but a few other families seemed to have more success with lures.

To access the Filer Ponds take Poleline Road and turn north 2300 E. Follow it until you reach 4350 N. Restrooms and parking are available. Be warned there isn't much in the way of shade. A license is required to fish the Filer Ponds.

I totally get it now dad.

(I miss you.)