It is starting to look like brick and mortar stores are going fast. Family Dollar has announced that they will be closing almost 400 stores this year. 

We aren't sure which stores are closing just yet. Twin Falls has two Family Dollar locations; one on Addison and one on Washington. Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar has also announced that they will be changing some 200 of the names of their existing stores as well.

With the name change for Dollar Tree they will be charging more than a dollar on their items, I guess if you are going to change the name you shouldn't have to worry about changing prices either. Now, I doubt that things are going to sky rocket in prices, but they will charge a little more.

Twin Falls also has a Dollar Tree, so it will be interesting to see if all locations will be affected or if just a few. Is this going to prevent you from going to Dollar Tree if they start to charge a little more for their products?

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