Just the mention of the word potholes probably makes you a little bit angry. It also probably makes you think of at least one specific road crater that you hit frequently on your daily drive. Twin Falls is known for potholes. The Rants and Raves pages on Facebook are filled with not-nice things to say about our roads, but there may be a really simple fix.

Easy Fix For Idaho Potholes

This easy fix for Idaho potholes is definitely not permanent, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, neither are the actual fixes for our potholes. The easy fix I’m talking about is one used by a police officer recently in Ohio.

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The city had received a number of complaints about vehicle damage from a specific pothole. The officer arrived at the scene and noted that the pothole was indeed an issue. To temporarily patch the pothole, he grabbed some old phone books that were sitting on the side of the road, as most are these days, and placed the books into the hole to level it out.

Phone Books Used To Patch Pothole

While the fix worked for the police officer, it might get you a littering ticket here in Idaho. But if it saves you and the rest of the neighborhood from dented rims and popped tires it might be worth the risk.

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The original story points out that after the officer placed the books in the hole the pothole was soon after patched with a more permanent fix.

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