Windsors Nursery along with Infinity Dental, Hip2BU Salon, DV Evans Bank, Kimberly Kut & Kurl and Natures Gate have all gotten together to host a social distancing drive through trunk or treat event Saturday in Kimberly.

According to the Facebook page post, the event will be Saturday, October 31st from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. and they are calling it Nightmare on COVID Street. These businesses got together after the Kimberly City Park cancelled the trunk or treat event. So to maintain social distancing they are going to have a drive through. Candy may run out so you might want to get there earlier rather than later.

They ask that you come in at Layne Road of 3400 so traffic doesn't back up on Kimberly Road and cause issues. They are also emphasizing that everyone stay in their vehicles. You can still dress up the kiddos and have a great time and get some candy, just has to be in your nice warm car. Win win for parents if you ask me. Maybe not, since I don't have kids.

I imagine they are going to make it a fun event that isn't just driving through. They may or may not have people dressed up as characters or try to scare you along the way. I am honestly not sure but I wouldn't be surprised.

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