As we head into the Blockbuster Holiday season, we wanted to know what you think about reserved seating for the Twin Falls movie theater.

Star Wars will be opening this weekend and you know that the theater will be packed.  You should get your tickets now, because there's a good chance shows will sell out opening weekend.

With that in mind, it makes you wonder if Twin Falls would benefit from reserved/assigned seating. Some theaters across the US have opted for assigned seating... (much like a concert).  When you purchase your tickets online, you can choose where to sit from the selection of available seats.  You can do the same from a kiosk at the theater.

Should this be something that Twin Falls should adopt?  On one hand, it would eliminate standing in line for an hour for fear of not having a seat at a sold out show. Then again, once you pick your seat, you're stuck. Sometimes it's nice having the freedom to move when you wind up sitting next to loud talkers or annoying texters.

Magic Valley Cinema 13 does feature D-Box seating in some of their theaters. Those seats are assigned when purchased. Some of you, (me included), have forked over the extra cash on opening night to avoid the fuss of finding a seat in a packed house.

Take our poll and comment and let us know what you think.

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