Father's Day can be a difficult holiday to celebrate for the simple fact that dads can be hard to buy for and they don't want to go anywhere that doesn't include their recliner.

Sacramento Bee / PR Newswire conducted a survey and they found some good news and bad news here for dads.  The good news:  Just under two out of five people say that Father's Day doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

The bad news?  Even though they think it's underrated, they're not taking it upon themselves to spend big money to change things.

50% of people say they plan to spend between $25 and $99 on a Father's Day gift this year.  Only 22% plan to spend more than $100.

And 45% are planning to look for a gift on a website like Groupon or dig up some other kind of discount or bargain.

41% say that the number one thing their dad wants is a new car.  15% said a boat.  0% of the people surveyed said they'd be buying the car or boat though . . . everyone's focused on more, quote, "realistic" gifts.

13% of people don't plan to give their dad anything on Father's Day.

Father's Day is a week from Sunday.