For as long as I can remember my mom has always planned stuff for Father's Day...she always calls my siblings and I to make sure that we didn't forget about Father's Day.

I don't recall my dad ever saying much about Mother's Day. So in my mind a much bigger deal is made about Father's Day than Mother's Day. Apparently this isn't the norm. In a new survey by Procter & Gamble from PR Newswire, 80% of dads surveyed said they feel like Mother's Day gets MORE ATTENTION than Father's Day.  And, they say it's unfair.

60% of the dads say they share childcare duties equally with their wives . . . 43% spend as much time scrubbing toilets and mopping floors . . . and 33% say they spend equal time doing laundry and cooking.

Meanwhile, 78% say they handle all of the auto maintenance . . . 63% handle all of the household maintenance . . . and 69% handle all of the yardwork.

89% of the dads surveyed say they're GOOD FATHERS and 59% say they're doing a better job than THEIR father did.

What do you think? Do we make a bigger deal out of Mother's Day or Father's Day?