If you’ve lived in Twin Falls for any length of time, and within that length of time, you’ve visited the Magic Valley Mall, you may have noticed that handicap spaces aren’t the only designated parking spots in the lot. In a few different areas of the vastness that is the mall parking lot, you can locate what are called “Stork Stalls.”

These are parking spaces designated for pregnant women so they don’t have to walk as far to reach the door. Not a bad idea by any means, but are stork stalls really all that necessary?

All my pregnant mamas out there, do these really come in helpful? How about for those of you who already have kiddos – maybe more than one under the age of ten – would you like a designated parking space so it’s easier to move your clan from the car to inside?

If you’re a lady (or even a dude, I guess) reading this and know what I’m talking about, have you ever parked in a stork stall when you weren’t expecting? I knew a curvier woman who decided to park in the stork stall once because she said, “Who’s going to question? I look pregnant, after all.” Is that ok? Or is it almost as bad as parking in a handicap zone without one of those little blue stickers?


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