There are a lot of weird concoctions you can make with potatoes. Just go to any church or neighborhood potluck gathering and you'll see. But what you may never see at any local event is an ice cream potato - which sounds disgusting. But it really isn't.

An ice cream potato isn't actually made from a potato. It is
ice cream formed to look like a potato and then dusted in cocoa powder to give it the skin look and topped with whipped cream (sour cream), green sprinkles (chives), and yellow dyed coconut shavings (shredded cheese). You can see in the pictures that they really do look like real Russets!

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I first ran across this Idaho dessert in a list on the Offbeat website. You can find pictures on Twitter and Instagram with information on how to get your own ice cream potato from a restaurant or you can make one for yourself with this easy recipe.

Have you ever heard of this Idaho dessert and have you ever had one?

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