If you have been in the area longer than a few months you have probably heard about these mysterious booms that randomly shake the area. We aren't really sure what they are, but we want to know if you heard them and where you live.

I have been here for three years and technically haven't felt one yet. I feel like I am missing out. I know a ton of people who have heard them though. The USGS reports no seismic activity so it isn't an earthquake, there was no thunder, there were no skyquakes and the Mountain Home Air force Base says it isn't them. So we really don't know.

The interesting thing is how many people don't feel them and how many do, depending on where you live. We want to know what area you live in and whether or not you felt it.

We had some people in Mountain Home say they never heard it at all. We also had a call from a woman in Gooding who said she hears them all the time. We may never actually know what is going on but it is fun to talk about.

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