Let’s face it, we love to hear celebrity gossip. Everyone wants to know what is happening with someone famous. What about when the topic isn’t scandalous? What about when a celebrity has something positive to say about Idaho?

Many people know that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore purchased property in Hailey. When they divorced, Demi Moore and her family stayed. Though she works in Los Angeles, her home in Hailey has a special draw.

How Does Demi Moore Spend Time in Idaho?

Demi states she grew up in a small town like Hailey. She feels a draw to the fresh air and mountains. With a love of her garden that envelops her in a feeling that Sun Valley is her home. She shares many stories about her love of Sun Valley and its residents. It is refreshing to see someone truly share a love for our state and why we all remain here as well.

Her love is not only for her house. There’s a thriving art community with Gallery Walks supporting art in the area. She enjoys the Sun Valley Music Festival for her appreciation of art in its audio form. Summers are beautiful, but the winters set Sun Valley apart. Demi describes the ski history of the area and her visits to Sun Valley Lodge.

She doesn’t leave anyone out. Her draw continues to be the local owners and businesses like Nourishme for juice, grabbing fresh bread at Bigwood Bread, and a stop at Maude’s Coffee and Clothes for drinks and shopping. Her kids even have a favorite spot, Grumpy’s.

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Truly it seems that Demi Moore has made Sun Valley a staple in her life. It appears she loves the same things we do about living in Idaho.

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