Times are changing and usually, technology is a big part of that change. Sometimes the technology changes are awesome, like ordering food from an app and not having to interact with other humans. Other times the technological advances seem like a step backward, like engineered meat products.

The Internet Is Not A Safe Place

The internet is a technological advancement that changed the world, and depending on the day or the person you ask, it is either the greatest invention of all time or the biggest detriment to human civilization. That is especially true on social media pages.

You can be whoever you want to be on social media. if you only post about the best part of your day, people will think you have a charmed life. If you post controversial topics, people will come at you like a pack of wolves.

Debt Collectors Can Now Slide Into Your DM's

New proof that technology isn't always our friend has just reared its head: debt collectors are now allowed to send you private messages through your social media accounts. Now they can get you everywhere.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently made an announcement, along with updated information, on how debt collectors can contact you. The new information aims to help those who may be in financial trouble know if they are talking to a real debt collector and not be harassed by those trying to contact them.

Debt collectors can contact you on social media, but they have to follow certain rules

  • They must state that they are a debt collector.
  • The message they send must be a private message that only you can view.
  • They must provide a way for you to opt out of receiving messages from them.

It can be hard to know if someone has a legitimate reason to be contacting you or if they are trying to scam you. Even with the rules placed on debt collectors, it will still likely be hard to tell for sure if the contact is real. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has information they believe can help you determine the real collectors from the scammers.

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