Over the last several years there has been a debate whether or not Daylight Saving is something we should continue. We "spring forward" this Sunday. Do you think it is worth it to keep doing it?

March 10th you set your clocks forward one hour. This is the start of having longer days and shorter nights. A great sign of Spring coming. However, some suggest not doing it anymore.

Being a farming community, there is proof that it does harm to animals. They don't tell time, so they have to adjust their bodies in a completely different way than people. Especially dairy cows that are used to being milked at certain times.

Others argue that it is worth it for the recreation purposes. That extra hour outside where it gets dark at 10 instead of 9 makes it better for summer recreation businesses. Recently the House rejected plans to take Idaho off Daylight Saving. So we have to ask you if you think it is worth it or not?

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