Cyberbullying is becoming an even greater problem for today's youth. However, it isn't just children being harassed online. Cyberbullies target pretty much everyone and it is getting even worse day by day.

Here I have shared just some of the harassing, threatening, or hurtful comments that not only I, but my coworkers have received over the last few years. This may seem like I am sharing a "woe is me" piece, but I am not. I am simply informing people that cyberbullying is pretty intense for children and adults.

For those who say, "it is part of your job to receive these comments" or "get used to it, it's part of being in the 'media'". First and foremost, nobody signs up or expects to be harassed at the workplace by anyone. No one "signs up" for this, it should not be "part of the job". No one should feel like being harassed is normal or ok.

So, tangent over. Some of the things that have been said to me and my coworkers. I have left the names off so as not to call them out.

"F*** you out of state transplant. Dumb b**** stop sharing information"

"You're just a stupid transplant. Shut the f*** up!"

"Get the **** out you fat ****"

"You are so f******* dumb"

"Thanks for that....dumb****"

"California dirtbag, go back to California"

"Please get your face off my television screen"

"You're straight f**** stupid"

"You're a f**** joke"

"You need to run more you fatty"

I have had trolls follow me from job to job just to harass me. Even worse is watching you guys go after each other! It is heartbreaking.

These are just a few examples, I could go on and on. That being said, we get a lot of really great comments as well and we love you guys. I just feel like the keyboard is making too many people too comfortable not getting confronted about the horrible things they say.

Cyberbullying isn't just awful for children, people are just mean to each other sometimes. Just remember, you never know what others are going through. Be kind. As I write this I am actually a little afraid to share it because I know there are going to be people calling me a "snowflake" or telling me to get over it. I am over it, I don't lose any sleep at night over these things, but you may want to be aware of some of the things that get said around the area.

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