Costco in Twin Falls according to an employee has announced that starting on May 4th all employees and customers will be required to wear face masks in order to get into the building.

According to an employee at Costco recently the store has announced that they will only allow two people per membership in the store and now they have announced that every person inside the store will be required to wear face coverings.

FYI...effective May 4th, so you won’t waste a trip to Costco without ur mask 😷

Posted by Jeaneth Olvido Glenn on Tuesday, April 28, 2020


I am curious what they are going to say to families who have an extra child or an extra family member come in to the store with them if they all have face masks. I am not sure if that means now a family of 4 can all come in together as long as they have masks.

I haven't been inside Costco in a while, I have not seen if gloves are required either. I am curious what you think about going in to Costco and being forced to wear a mask. I mean it is their business and they are allowed to mandate whatever policies they like.

I have a friend who will now refuse to go shop in Costco because he not only doesn't have a mask but he also refuses to wear them. I have heard that cloth masks aren't that effective and I do not want to take much needed supplies from medical professionals.

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