This is a campaign by Crush the Curve Idaho and they are testing people who may not have all the symptoms. Essentially it is to determine if you have had COVID 19.

UPDATE: The testing will not be nasal but rather serum/blood antibody testing. The nasal swab will be for active infections.

Crush the Curve Idaho is a non profit organization that is aiming to get more accurate numbers by testing more people, those who aren't candidates to be tested because they are ill right now.

You can take an assessment to determine if this test is right for you. It will ask questions about your immune system, if you have already been tested, know anyone who has and your travel since January 2020. After that you can schedule an appointment for an antibody test, assuming that you qualify for said test anyway. I did so I will likely go and do the test.

The new testing center in Twin Falls will be at Fronteir Pediatric Partners located at 1502 N Locust St #700. You can all for scheduling at 208-595-5095 or email them for information at

Right now the testing center in Idaho is not currently on their main site, but there are options in Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Treasure Valley. So the only way you can get an appointment in Twin Falls right now is to call.

You can also donate to the cause and purchase merchandise.

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