The new ID, also known as the Star Card, is going to be required for certain things come October 2020. That seems like a long way away but it is going to sneak up on you before you know it. Getting the updated drivers license sounds pretty tough but here is everything you need to know.


  • 1

    Do I need a Birth Certificate?

    Yes, you need to bring in your birth certificate. It has to be a government issues one as well. Not the one with baby feet on it, it has to be official.

  • 2

    Can I use my passport as form of ID?

    Yes, you can. As long as it is a U.S. passport or pass card it can be used to help get the Star Card.

  • 3

    Will I need my Social Security Card?

    Yes, not only do you need a Social Security Card, you need one that is not laminated and one that is easy to read. If the card is beat up too badly it will not be accepted.

  • 4

    What if I have been married and divorced?

    You need to bring marriage certificates and any proof of name changes each time your name has been changed.

  • 5

    What if I don't have my Social Security Card?

    You can bring in a W-2 Form, a Social Security Administration Form 1099, Non-Social Security Administration Form 1099 or a pay stub or statement with your name and full social security number.

  • 6

    How do I prove Idaho Residency?

    You need two documents to prove Idaho residency. This can be a lease/rental agreement, mortgage or deed. Bills from one or two utility company, a tax document, or an account statement form bank or financial institution. There are other options as well if you click here.

  • 7

    Can I use my cell phone bill as proof of residency?

    No you may not. Cell phone bills and other non-official bills will not be accepted. Neither will P.O. Box information.

  • 8

    What if I don't have house bills in my name?

    That's ok, use a bank statement, W2 or medical bill that comes to you at your current address.

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