Life is change. Lots of people say it, and it’s true. I used to spin vinyl records for the ‘American Country Countdown’ show every Sunday. Cars used to have 8-track, cassette, or CD players. Mail used to only be on paper. People used to have a magazine rack in the bathroom.

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Credit Canva

Yes, a magazine rack. Magazines were the blogs of the olden times. Pictures and words on shiny paper. Probably a germ-infested nightmare, come to think about it. Sitting next to the toilet through how many flushes repeatedly over a week or month until the next batch of reading material comes in.

Magazines Will Never Be In The Bathroom Again

We have progressed as a society. Gone are the days of a paperback on the back of the toilet. No more sudoku or crossword and a pencil on the counter to keep you company for the long bathroom visits. Now is the time of the smartphone.

I cannot count how many times I have headed to the bathroom for a - longer visit - only to stop and search for my phone first. I’ve done this even in somewhat urgent situations. I’ve been in the bathroom, realized I didn’t have my phone, and turned back out to get it. I’ve left the toilet doing the pants-around-the-ankle waddle to go retrieve the phone in my bedroom and go back to finish the business at hand, or business at other body parts. Don't judge me, you've probably done it too.

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That's when the best ‘Words With Friends’ happens. Solitaire wouldn’t be the same anywhere else. Strangely, current events conversations with my husband happen much more frequently after a bathroom break. He uses this time responsibly? Weird.

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