I love bacon so I have an issue with the results of a study from Zippia. Apparently not all Idahoans share my love of the more delicious little brother of ham. While technically they don't say we hate bacon, they do have us listed in the bottom ten and suggest that other states should cut off their ties to us. That's how important bacon is to the world: if you don't love it you may as well like abusing puppies and yelling at children.

I'm going to assume the study was actually flawed and the Idahoans who responded didn't hear the question right as they were too busy eating plates of bacon.

I think the real question that would divide the nation is whether you prefer your bacon crispy, thick, or thin. I think bacon actually has the power to bring us all together and the power to heal our nation. So, enjoy these pictures of nation healing bacon. Careful you don't drool on your keyboard.


Don't you feel better now? Also maybe a little more hungry for some Falls Brand?

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On a less delicious side of 'foods we hate' topics, Zippia also found that we hate anchovies. It looks like we aren't completely broken when it comes to food tastes in Idaho. An interesting note from this study is that Rhode Island hates turkey bacon which is the only acceptable way to hate bacon.

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