The 6.5 earthquake that we felt on Tuesday March 31st was the largest one in Idaho since 1983. There has been no reports of injury or damage yet. However, if you felt it in your house there are a few things you should check out sooner rather than later to make sure damage has not been done.

One thing I didn't even think about was checking your chimney. Make sure that you check the entirety of to make sure there are no issues.

Also make sure that you check your utilities. It is not uncommon for gas lines to break, water lines to spring a leak or have foundation issues. If you smell gas make sure you contact a professional right away. When you go into your crawl spaces DO NOT use a lighter to check things out. Make sure you have a flashlight.

It may seem pretty obvious but check for any spills of chemicals. We tend to store some of those things under the sink or in places that we don't look at all the time. Check your cupboards and make sure no chemicals have spilled and if they have, clean them up right away before damage occurs.

One thing I was always told to do as a child was find a doorway if you are actively in an earthquake. That is NOT recommended any longer. If you are in an earthquake and it is currently shaking find a table to get underneath to protect yourself from falling debris.

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