Balanced Rock is south of Buhl and it is a pretty cool little hike. This giant rock seems balanced and top heavy. Despite the improbability that it should be knocked over, it hasn't changed much in over 100 years.

The Facebook page Idaho Bucket List shared this image of Balanced Rock from 1908. It is pretty awe inspiring to see. These two pictures were taken 110 years apart.

The rock itself hasn't changed much but check out the background. What was once all desert now has some road and development. It is always a ton of fun to look back in time through photos.

Have you seen much change to Balanced Rock? Do you think it is worth the drive and hike? We have heard some people call it a tourist trap, but I think it is definitely a place you have to see at least once. Who knows if it is going to stay for another 110 years.

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