According to legend, on July 8th, 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico and was recovered by the US Air Force. The event has become the cornerstone of an ever growing extraterrestrial cover-up mythology that spans continents and decades.

But what if the alien just wanted to collect their busted ship and go home?

That's the premise of today's wonderful Google Doodle. Completely interactive, this point and click adventure puts you in the shoes (boots?) of a crashed alien as it tries to recover the pieces of its crashed ship. You must guide the extraterrestrial around the farm to collect items that allow it to recover the downed UFO.

I played through today's Doodle at least three times already, each time trying a new route. It's a simple but fun game that's definitely worth a few minutes of your time. The adventure can be a bit frustrating at times. Here's a hint: Nuclear Rocket Fuel can make things grow very tall.

Here's the solution to today's Doodle. Try using the Nuclear Rocket Fuel on the cow and horse too... just to see what happens. Have fun!