Ghost Tours Coming To Rupert
Attention everyone who loves all things spooky! You can go check out all the haunted places in Rupert, hear the ghost stories surrounding them and more. It includes walking through several historical and haunted places in the area.
All The Things That Makes Twin Falls "Smell Like Money"
If you ask a farmer, a rancher, a factory worker or someone who has been here long enough, when you ask "What's that smell?" the response you will get "smells like money". So here are the things that are making Twin Falls and surrounding areas "smell like money".
"Leaf Peeping" Guide To Idaho; Changing Leaves Coming Soon
It is almost September, and even if fall doesn't officially start until September 22nd, there are leaves that are going to change within a week or so, if they haven't already slowly started. If you are looking to go check out fall foliage, you better start planning those trips now.
10 Phrases You Should Never Utter To An Idahoan
Idaho has been an awesome and welcoming community to me. I have also tried to avoid saying anything super controversial. If you are new to the area, Idahoans will be friendly but don't say these phrases or it may end up in a fight.

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