So if you are anything like our house, you know that every day the UPS, USPS and Fed Ex drivers are at your door every day if not multiple times a day. So, during the holidays can you tip them or show them tokens of appreciation?

So technically, your mail carrier is not supposed to accept tips or gifts unless you have a personal relationship with them prior to their employment there. That is unfortunate. But there are no rules saying you can leave them snack and maybe bottled water. Those are snacks, not gifts right? If you give them a gift that exceeds $20 they have to reimburse you. That is a pain, so maybe a snack is the best bet?

As far as Fed Ex goes, they are not allowed to accept gifts over $75, so maybe something small, or again, snacks.

And UPS is also discouraged from accepting gift.

I appears snacks are the best way to go!

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