Biff Hutchison of Burley Idaho, reached out to us last night to inform us that he has done it again. He set another pogo stick world record!

On October 15th 2016 Biff set a world record for the highest pogo stick jump. He jumped 11 feet 1/2 inch. See the video.

On Saturday, March 3rd 2017, Biff set another pogo stick world record. This time for the highest front flip on a pogo stick. As you can see in the YouTube video above, it is epic! Biff told us...

I've had this record off and on in the past, but for the past two years it had held steady at 9'3". On Saturday I set off to break it, broke the record at 9'6" but wanted to get it up to 10', which is where it stands now.

The record is being reviewed by Guinness World Record, so it's not officially a new Guinness World Record yet. However, it is absolutely a new world record.

Congratulations Biff Hutchinson!

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