I don't know if you remember this day from last year but to me, it sticks out like a sore thumb. A little over a year ago Build-A-Bear announced they'd be having their first 'Pay Your Age' day. The event was a genius marketing ploy---but it wasn't really thought out and became chaotic.

If you knew there was a Build-A-Bear in the mall nearby, you either avoided it completely or were in a giant line waiting for your turn to get a cheap stuffed animal. For me, I spent my day in Iowa avoiding it at all costs. However, that didn't stop me from seeing footage flood my Facebook feed with what determined moms were doing in mall lines.

The day was chaotic and stores nationwide ended up closing shop early and calling it quits. This year, they've decided to bring it back with more rules--which should hopefully help with store and mall congestion. If you want to get in on the bear action, Build-A-Bear has made it a lottery event for people with a Bonus Club account.

The multi-day event required people to sign up online by June 16. However, if you totally missed the deadline, it still won't hurt to sign up for the Bonus Club. Build-A-Bear says they run a "Count Your Candles" event. As a part of being a member of the club, you can pay your age at any time during your birthday month. If you think you need a furry friend, your closest location to the Magic Valley is in Boise, so you might want to find a way to make a day trip out of it.

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