Dr. Brock Bemis works in Blaine County as a doctor. He is also a 41 year old man who recovered from the Coronavirus. Here is what he had to say about his experience.

Dr. Bemis admitted that he did not have COVID-19 as severely as some people who may or may not get it.

Bemis said his overall feeling before getting tested was overwhelming fatigue. He did not have any real preexisting conditions except for a mild case of asthma. Bemis said those with worse cases of asthma, high blood pressure and older could get more severe symptoms.

Some of the more severe symptoms (but more rarely experienced) are seizures, vomiting and diarrhea. The more common symptoms that are pretty severe is inability to breath and other respiratory issues. If you experience respiratory issues he suggests going to the hospital.

Some people are saying hospitals are empty. Dr. Bemis said that although the number of people that go to the hospital are down, the people coming into the hospital are worse off than normal. He did state that he believes it is because people who may normally go to the Emergency Room any other time are avoiding it and waiting things out at home rather than potentially get the virus. He explains that more people are being admitted with worse symptoms than usual around this time of year.

Please, again, remember, don't panic and wash your hands. Last but not least, stop hoarding all the toilet paper.

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