Black Friday is a thrift shopper's favorite day of the year. It can get pretty crazy though. Have you ever seen people get trampled for a $10 toaster? It's all over YouTube. If you want to skip the chaos there are some Black Friday deals you don't have to leave your house for.

It's great because you don't have to get up early, sit in the cold waiting in line or fight the crowds just to have what you want and are waiting for to be out of stock. I will always advocate for supporting local business, I, however, will not advocate for sitting outside Target for 4 hours to get a deal.

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    Amazon Devices

    Amazon devices are a great Christmas present idea. They have TVs compatible with Alexa devices and the Amazon Fire Stick has some good original content to binge-watch.

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    Computer Gadgets and Accessories

    There is a huge range of computer gadgets and accessories you can get for the computer nerd in your life. Everything from cleaning accessories to hardware is on sale.

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    Toys and Games

    You can find all the toys and games for all age groups without having to go down several aisles. And if you have no idea what to get the child or children, it makes it super easy to look and be inspired without dealing with the crowds.

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    Kitchen Appliances

    This might sound funny but one of the best Christmas presents I ever got was my pressure cooker. I am not even a good cook but the pressure cooker saves a bunch of time. Look for good deals on kitchen appliances that will make life easier.

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